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[Video] UFC/Reebok partnership press conference


The UFC and leading sports brand Reebok are scheduled to hold a special press conference together today in New York.

It was announced today that the UFC will be launching a new uniform programme in July next year which will replace all fighter sponsorships with equipment produced exclusively by Reebok.

"We look at this as Reebok and the UFC are essentially changing the sports landscape once again," said UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta. "This clearly has never been done in combat sports. Reebok will be the exclusive worldwide outfitter of the UFC, and as part of this deal and this partnership, this will be the biggest non-broadcast partnership that our company has ever signed, so it is significant.

"We're continuing to do things and implement things to elevate the level of the sport, and really take it in a place where other major sports leagues are. So the way that this outfitting policy will work is that it will allow for each of the fighters' individuality, but also will provide a unique, iconic and consistent look for all the athletes, obviously very different from where the sport has been in the past, where it is essentially, for lack of a better word, a bit of a mish-mash with various different sponsors, different looks, brands, and styles."

For more details on the deal, watch the 'Reebok - UFC Partnership' press conference video below. 

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