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Anderson plans next documentary: rescuing Sonnen from Brazil


Anderson Silva already dreams of making a follow-up to his documentary ‘Like Water’ despite it still being two weeks before the initial instalment is to be launched in Brazil.

Silva popped up at the mall Shopping Eldorado in São Paulo this week to talk about the film. The UFC middleweight champion joked about a new journey into the movies and his fondness for action and drama, two important ingredients of blockbusters.

“The Spider” spoke about the possibility of taking part of another documentary. “It is possible, everything will depend on the help we receive… Maybe we will do another movie with me having to rescue Chael Sonnen somewhere in Brazil.”

The Oregon native is widely known as the main adversary of Anderson Silva in UFC. When they fought in 2010 at UFC 117, Chael overwhelmed the champion for four rounds but when the bout looked definite to go his way, the Brazilian fighter set up a triangle choke and finished Sonnen in unlikely fashion.

As well as the damage suffered for twenty three minutes, Anderson had also never been so provoked by any other rival as it much as by Sonnen, who has been offending Silva consistently before and since their first match.

In three months they are expected to rematch, this time in Anderson’s homeland. The match is loosely pencilled for Sao Paolo, if the UFC can find the appropriate venue.

“There’s no physiological pressure. We go through many situations of overcoming, but of course, everything there has to be a limit to provocation, until the point it is possible to promote the fight,” he said.

“It has been unfortunate the way he spoke about our country. It is not me who has to speak with him, answer him, he has to know himself what he does wrongly.”