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Jon Jones 'praying for' Rashad Evans


Jon Jones professed hopes that he could rescue his friendship with Rashad Evans following their UFC 145 match. Apparently he still feels that way - although he doesn’t know how Evans does. The light-heavyweight champion appeared on MMA Uncensored Live this week to talk about all manner of subjects and as usual, Evans was top of the list.

Jones professes devout Christianity and he may have surprised viewers when he told them that he includes Evans in his missives to the almighty.

“I haven't talked Rashad, but I definitely pray for him. I wonder how he's doing,” he said. “I'm sure it's a lot to lose, especially to me. You know, it's a tough time in Rashad's life right now, so he's definitely in my thoughts and prayers.”

Jones also expressed a fervent desire to put the past behind them and try to move back into a position where they can enjoy the friendly relations they once had before the issue of the light-heavyweight championship came between them.

“What's happened has already happened now, and hopefully, that friendship is still possible,” Jones sighed. But while reconciliation seemed possible immediately after the fight, with Evans amenable at the post-fight press conference, once the emotions died down it looked likely the fissure would remain; Evans in interviews some days later didn’t seem as keen on getting friendly with Jones again.

The win over Evans, which came by way of unanimous decision after five rounds of fighting, was the third successful defence for Jones, and his fourth successful consecutive fight with the title on the line. He faces Dan Henderson next, at UFC 151, and if he wins can be considered to have effectively cleaned out the division.