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'Bones' backs UFC pay structure


Jon Jones is one of the stars of the highly anticipated MMA documentary The Hurt Business, which hits theaters nationwide on Thursday. Fighters Only gained a sneak peak of the flick and the former light heavyweight champion's exclusive interview where he discussed the power the world's leading MMA promotion has over the sport and it's athletes.

At a time when the Octagon is coming in for criticism from some fighters regarding pay, Jones maintains the promotion are the best in the world at what they do and insists he's proof of the riches that are on offer if you are able to climb the ladder leading from the Octagon canvas.

“I agree the UFC have used a lot of athletes, but I’ve never really been in those guys’ shoes," Jones says, in an interview from last year. "Some guys just don’t make smart decisions when they have money or power. But my parents always taught me not to be used by sports, but to use sports. And we’ve always done that, me and my brothers. We used sport to get free education. And we use sports today to expand our brands and be more than just athletes.

"I don’t believe the UFC is using me at all. I try to be smart with every decision I make and I try to use them as much as they use me. It’s all situation, man. You can’t blame the UFC for some of the guys who didn’t make it. Some of te guys just didn’t invest or weren’t smart with their money and stuff like that. And coming to the UFC’s defense, it’s a fairly new business too. So you can’t necessarily protect everybody who fights for you.

"Fighters really didn’t start making good money until like six or seven years ago, so it’s hard to speak on behalf of the people who aren’t necessarily doing too good today. But again, coming back to the UFC’s defense, there are a lot of people doing good today. A lot of guys like Randy Couture who are into movies or have their own gyms. People who have an awful lot going for themselves, who are all former UFC fighters.”

* The Hurt Business movie also features Ronda Rousey, Rashad Evans, Tito Ortiz, Chuck Liddell, Ken Shamrock, Georges St Pierre and Fabricio Werdum among many other past and present fighters. The movie is released in selected theaters nationwide from Thursday 29th September. Check local listings for more info.