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Marc Diakiese predicts spinning head kick KO at UFC London

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Marc Diakiese expects to finish Teemu Packalen in spectacular style at UFC Fight Night 107 in London on Saturday.


‘Bonecrusher’, who is one of the brightest prospects in the lightweight division, told Fighters Only that he has the ability to maintain his perfect record and go on to compete against the top talents in the Octagon in 2017.


What do you feel you need to do to really arrive in the UFC and get noticed

I believe my performance at the end of this week, that will tell. I feel that you’ll know where I belong from this week. I should be fighting the top guys, the ranked guys, and I will show you on Saturday night.


So this performance will be enough to get you on main cards in Europe or even internationally later in the year?

I believe so. I believe I’m one of the best fighters in the UK. I belong here, This is my stage and I’m going to show that on Saturday night.


What about you and your fighting style equips you to do that?

It’s simple: I’m young and hungry. No one has the ability I have to fight the way I’m fighting now. And, I’m still learning. I’m still young. I’ve been doing this for six years so I’m still learning and making a lot of progress. Everywhere I go, I’m getting different skills. I’m just confident. That’s what it is: young and hungry.


Which of the guys at American Top Team has helped you develop?

I’ve been grappling with Nathan Coy, Daniel Straus, Will Brooks – some big names. That’s really built my confidence up and I’m ready to show it all. I knew me going with them would give me some understanding of where I am. I’m not too far away. I’m doing good.


Is there anywhere else you plan to go to diversify your training?

I believe ATT is one of the best in the world to train at and I think that’s the right move I’ve made. Obviously, I love the UK and I’m not willing to move out of the UK, so I’ll probably just be traveling to train there.


Does that put a strain on you or your family at all?

It’s a sacrifice. I want to make my missus as practical as possible, so I just go out there, train and come back.  


So a performance bonus would help you out with that?

I need that bonus. I’ve spent some money (laughs). I need that bonus, so I’m looking for that spinning head kick.