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Live: UFC London prelim results and play-by-play

Event News

Fighters Only is live at the O2 Arena in London, England to day for round-by-round updates of UFC Fight Night 107.


Join us from 5:30 pm local time for full coverage of the Fight Pass event, featuring a Jimi Manuwa vs. Corey Anderson in a light heavyweight main event.

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Just before we head to the main card, here is somme more reaction from the heavyweight bout earlier this evening.

Daniel Omielanczuk: “He was better than me in the clinch tonight so I agree with the judges' decision. He was able to use his weight to keep me on the fence. That was obviously his game plan and it worked out for him. Next time, I know that I need to fight much better."

Tim Johnson: “I feel pretty good. After they announced 29-28 for Daniel and 30-27 for me, I was getting a flashback from my fight with Volkov in November and so I was expecting the worst, but I got the result I was looking for. It’s nice to get back in the win column, especially now with only one fight left on my contract and it means I’m a little less stressed about what will happen in the future. I want to stay here in the UFC. This is where the best fighters are in the world. Why would I want to be anywhere else?”


Lightweight: Joe Duffy vs. Reza Madadi

Round 1

Duffy lands his left kick twice and has success with his hands too before Madadi gets him to the ground. Madadi lifts him of the mat and slams him, but the Irishman gets on top. Duffy working from half guard, before Madadi recovers to full guard. Duffy passes to the side and goes for a big knee. Madadi regains guard but eats some elbows. Madadi goes for a guillotine but can only secure one arm. Duffy pops his head out and postures up to throw punches including a big left. Madadi  ends the round with a bloody forehead.

Round 2

Duffy with a sharp right. Hits a jab and then Madadi is miles away wuth his counter hook. Jab landing consitently from Duffy and Madadi's face is getting redder from that cut on his hairline. Knee and right hand right hit Madadi and the Iranian screams at the Irishman. Jab low kick from Duffy who looks very comfortable. He stuffs a shot left hook, stuffs anither shot, then a one two snaps Madadi 's head back. He lands a clean switch knee just misses Madadi goes in with a right elbow, but Duffy responds by pouring it on against the fence Head kick by diffy lands without too much power but a knee does and Madadi steps back.  Madadi hits frsh air but gets a takedown, the Duffy rises straight away and continues peppering Madadi's. Another switch knee connects. Hook kick from Duffy, who ends the round with another strong jab.

Round 3

Duffy starts this ffram as he finished the last, with superiority in the striking. Duffy lands with a front kick, hook kick and more clean punches. Duffy lands with a straight right to the body and goes upstairs twith a left hook. Counter right uppercut lands for the Irishman and a spinning kick narrowly misses. Madadi's single is stuffed and now Duffy is winding up big shots that are hitting the mark on the body and head. Left kick to the head by Duffy and the round ends.

All three judges have the fight 30-27 for Joe Duffy


Light Heavyweight: Darren Stewart vs. Francimar Barroso

Round 1

Barroso with a wild couple iof punches. Then Stewart counters with a takedown on the next exchange. Stewart goes for hammerfists but backs out when Barroso throws his legs up for an armbar. Stewart with quick punches but lands a kick that referee Leon Edwards saws is low. It was. Inside leg kick for Barrosoand Stewart fires back. Leg kick by Barroso. They come together with overhands and Barroso ends up with his back against the cage. Stewart lunges forward again and then starts with knees against the fence. Hard left body kick by Barroso. Steward immediately carries him back to the cage and attemots to land punches. Inside leg kick by Barroso then overhand attepmpt by Stewart. Barroso trips Stweart who gets to his feet but is taken down again against the cage.

Round 2

Barroso with a body kick, and again. Stewart comes back with a low kick but is put against the fence and taken down. Barroso transitions to the back, lifts Stewart and slams him, following up with punches to the head. Stewart gets back to his feet, but goes down again. Barroso stays tight with a body lock and gets Stewart to the ground again. Stewart recovers position and lands an knee but Barroso fires back with a right uppercut to the chin. Wild overhand misses form Stewart.  

Round 3

Inactive start to the third until Stewart lunges with another big right and misses. Superman punch by Stewart, who puts Barroso against the fence. Barroso lands clean with a right straight and left hook and gets Stewart to the cage. Knee from Stewart and they separate. Both fighters looking tired now. Kick lands from Barroso to the body. Both fighters come together and Stewart lands best with a right hook. Barroso takes the fight to the cage again but can't get Stewart down and the position gets reversed. Stewart hits a nice one-two, then shoots, but his attempt is stuffed and the fight ends with a high kick from Barroso. 

All three judges score the fight 29-28 for Francimar Barroso


Here's some reaction to Leon Edwards' hard-fought win over Vicente Luque

Leon Edwards: “It was a good fight. I knew Luque was going to be tough. I had to match him for power and toughness. I was in the stands here a few years ago saying ‘I want to fight in the UFC in this arena’ so tonight is a dream come true for me. I’ve been watching Cowboy over the years and I like the way my style matches up with his. I would love to challenge myself against him."

Vicente Luque: “I’m feeling very mad that I lost the fight but I think the judges thought that he controlled the floor more than I did. That’s why I think he won the fight. He had great stand up and he had good timing. In the last two rounds I was able to try my hands more but he was controlling me on the ground. I want to get back home, recover from this defeat, get back into training and come back and fight again. I know that I’m a tough fighter in this division and I know I’m going to come back stronger and make a claim for the title."


Heavyweight: Timothy Johnson vs. Daniel Omielańczuk

Round 1

Omielańczuk marks up Johnson with a jab and lunges in with an uppergut that hits the boidy after Johnson gets his own right in. Jounson lunges forward hitting air, but puts Omielańczuk up against the fence. Johnson has success with knees to the leg but they are broken up. Teep by Omielańczuk. Right hand then left to the body land for the Pole. Left leg kick by Omielańczuk then Johnson clips his chin with a left hook.

Round 2

Wild left by Omielańczuk, who gets clear of Johnson's charge. Leg kick for Omielańczuk, but Johnson tags him with three rights on his way into the fence.  Double underhooks for Johnsoin who goes back to the knees to the legs. Jab by Omielańczuk and overhand left, then a cleaner one-two. Omielańczuk goes for the uppercut but is caught by Johnson, who then socres big with straight punches, but gets clipped with a right hook. Marc Goddard pauses the action, but puts the fighters back against the fence, where Johnson is leaning heavy on Omielańczuk. He gets him down. Heavy punches to the bidy by Johnson. Omielańczuk gives up his back but gets to his feet. Johnson goes back to knees against the fence.

Round 3

Punches from Johnson back Omielańczuk into the cage, who continues where he left off in rounds one and two. Finally separated after 2:30, the pair exchange then head back to the fence. Omielańczuk lands some knees of his own this time. Johnson lunges forward but eats a left hook. He then lands a couple in the next exchange. The round ends on the fence again.

The judges score the fight 29-28, 30-27 and 28-29 for Tim Johnson


In case you've not seen that Marc Diakiese KO yet...


OHHHH MYYYYYY!!!! @Marc_Diakiese STIFLES Packalen w/ a right hand in the FIRST ROUND! What. A. KO!!! 


Welterweight: Leon Edwards vs. Vicente Luque

Round 1

Edwards wobbles Luque after they come together and exchange. Edwards only partially blocks an overhand. Double underhooks from Luque and he gets Edwards down breifly. Strikes exchanged with Edwards against the fence and then he reverses, but doesn't follow up with much action. Left body kick for Edwards,, but he's taken down off a high kick. Luque ends up in guard, but passes quickly to side control. Edwards recovers position bu Luque goes straight back to half guard. Edwards rolls and Luque ends the round with a knee to Edwards' side in turtle position

Round 2

The first two minutes spent up against the fence with very little work by either man. Left kick by Edwards, who eventually ends up in top position and lands some shots to Luqe's head. With a minute remaining they're stood up. Edwards lands anither kick then shoots again, but his attempt is stuffed.

Round 3

Both men exchanging punches to start, but end up agains the fence again. Edwards stuffs Luque's takedown attempts and ends up on his back. Luque reverses but gets hit with a body shot. Edwards fires two one-twos that connect but kills his momentup with a takedown attempt. He then fires another five one-twos, landing each one, then lands a knee to the body. He can't get the single and Luque pours forward and lands well to the body several times. Edwards landing clean again with the one-two combination, the sees the round out with another takedown.

All three judges score the fight 29-28 for Leon Edwards


Lightweight: Marc Diakiese vs. Teemu Pakalen

Round 1

Hard right leg kick by Diakiese. Raymond Daniels style double kicks! Spinning back kics too! One overhand right lands for Diakiese and Pakalen falls in slow motion. Spectacular KO win for Diakiese.

Marc Diakiese wins by KO at 0:30 of Round 1

Marc Diakiese: "I’ve been saying it all week and I’ll say it again. That was easy work. I’m one of the best and I will keep proving it. I’m training at one of the best gyms and I just keep proving that I am one of the best out there. I want to be fighting on the main card next. Being on the prelims is no good for me. I want to be fighting bigger names. I’m interested in fighting on the Sweden card in May and then put me on the Glasgow card in July. Whoever is next, I will be ready."



Middleweight: Brad Scottt vs. Scott Askham

Round 1

Strong left hook and kick from Askham. Leg kicks from Scott landing to Askham's front leg. Scott drops Askham with a straight right to counter a kick, but he's back to his feet. Askham looks tentative but catches Scott coming in with a one-two. Hard left kick from Askham. Push kick from Scott moves Askham back and lands another big right, then lands a knee and hard body shots. Scott teeing off. Askham spends time against the fence but pushes off to throw knees from the clinch and reverse Scott.

Round 2

Scott charging forward. Huge uppercut from Scott, but Askham eats it. Askham trips Scott, but eats a punch. Scott back to his feet. Leg kicks by Scott. Scott grazed by a head kick but now his leg kicks are adding up. Askham moving tentatively now and eats another uppecut, with Scott circling. Scott switches to atack Askham's left (rear) leg. Another hard leg kick is checked and Akskham charges forward with a head kick and punches. The round ends with both fighters swinging. 

Round 3

Askham's leg doesn't seem to be affecting him now and he gets the better off the opening exchanges. Jab and body kick land for Askham. Askham wobbles Scott with a right hand above the ear. Left hook and right leg kick for Scot, then a firm jab. Scott slips a punch and lands three. Another body kick for Askham, who then goes for the head again. Scott lands hard over the top but eats another kick. Straight lefts land twice for Askham harder than many of Scott's, but he follows up with an attack to the body. Another round ends with the fighters exchanging punches.

Judges score the bout: 29-28, 28-29, 29-28 for Brad Scott by split decision

Brad Scott: “It was a tough fight. I got tired. I could have pushed the pace a bit more and I wish I could have got the finish but I enjoyed it. I was so close to giving up fighting. It’s been an emotional year but I’m back. I can’t give it up. I finally won in London, in one of the biggest indoor arenas in the world. It’s one of the greatest feelings of my life, especially since I was so close to giving it all up." 


Scott Askham: “It was a close fight, I’m not going to say I was robbed, as it could have gone either way. We both lined clean shots and we both hurt each other. He knocked me down in the first round but I think I did enough to win the next two rounds but you could argue he deserved to win those two. Obviously I’m very disappointed and there are no excuses. I put my heart and soul into this camp but credit to Bradley Scott, he went in there and got the victory."


Women's 135lb Lina Lansberg vs. Lucie Pudilova

Round 1

Lansberg starts with a jab and tries to push Pudilova against the fence, landing short right hands to the head. Pudilova breifly gets her back off the cage but is pushed straigh back there. They are separated after a few Lansberg knees and exchange punches. Overhand right from Lansberg inro the clinch, but Pudliova gains position against the cage. They break and Lansberg lands a grazing knee too the head. Pudolova tries to land knees in the clinch but can't with power. Lansberg fares much better with a strong Thai plumb, then some elbows against the cage.

Round 2

Lansberg lands a right kick and pushes Pudilova back. Knees in the clinch also land and they move back to the cage wall. More knees land against the fence. Pudilova reverses position and they break. Stong jab from Lansberg. Lansberg looking light on her feet as jabs are exchanged. Hard body kick by Lansberg. Pudilova lands a three-punch combo but Lansberg shoots for the legs and eventually gets her down. Elbow from Lansberg from guard, but little more damage. The round ends with Lansberg on top. 

Round 3

Puilova comes out hard with a few punches, but Lansberg laands a few of her own. Pudilova staggers Lansberg with two straight rights, but the Swede grabs a single leg. Five or six hard elbows from Pudilova to the side of Lansberg's head. They break and her face is bloody. Lansberg shoots for a double against the fence. Hard left body kick from Pudilopva followed by another right hand. Lansberg's right eye is badly swollen. Lansberg swinging at air as Pudilova lands tight punches. Lansberg coming forward slowly, missing and getting hit. Lansberg has very little left.  Pudilova finishes stong, landing several one-two combinations without reply.

All three judges score the fight: 29-28 for Lina Lansberg. 


The Brett Johns vs. Ian Entwhistle preliminary bout was cancelled earlier today.

The Tom Breese vs. Oluwale Bamgbose has also ben scrapped.