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Dana calls Silva vs. Dober "one of the biggest referee screw-ups of all time"

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UFC welterweight contender Demian Maia is back on the right track following his unanimous decision win over Ryan LaFlare at UFC Fight Night 62 this past weekend. 

Maia's method of using his grappling superiority to control his opponent and earn the win has been criticized by some fans, and UFC president Dana White agrees that Demian could have perhaps exhibited a little more killer instinct.

"Demian Maia did what he does," Dana said in his UFC on Fox post-fight interview. "He has unbelievable jiu-jitsu. To be able to take down and control a very good wrestler... It wasn't the most exciting fight you'll ever see. I'd say my only disappointment with Demian is, he tried to finish the fight a couple times with the arm [triangle] choke, but he didn't take too many risks. I'd love to see him take more risks - go for it. He was dominating on the ground anyway. He could basically get in whatever position he wanted to. I'd like to see him take more risks."

But the biggest point of contention from the March 21st event was undoubtedly the shocking decision in the Leandro Silva vs. Drew Dober bout on the Fox Sports 2 preliminary card.  At the midway point of the second round referee Eduardo Herdy called a stop to the action when he assumed Dober, who was on caught in a guillotine but in a safe position (on top of Silva in half guard on the opposite side to the headlock), has been choked unconscious. Silva was awarded the submission victory.

"Ridiculous," Dana said of the referee's verdict. "Supposedly, the referee is a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu who reffed that fight. That was so far from a tap.... It's one of the biggest referee screw-ups of all time."

There will now surely be efforts made by Dober and his team to have the decision overruled to a no-contest. Though that would unquestionably be the right call, the UFC president has his doubts.

White stated: "It should absolutely, positively be a no-contest. Probably going to be tough to do because these athletic commissions, they protect their own. They'll back up their refs. But this one's so blatant, so bad, I just don't see how you don't overturn this and make this a no-contest."