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McGregor expects 145lb'ers to "beg for forgiveness" after he beats Aldo

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Irish UFC featherweight title contender Conor McGregor was in the second city of the eight-city UFC 189 World Championship Tour, Las Vegas, yesterday.

When McGregor, who will challenge 145lb champ Jose Aldo for his title at UFC 189 on July 11th, spoke with media in Vegas he was asked how he plans to celebrate if he is successful in defeating Aldo.

Conor answered: "I expect everyone in the top-10 of the featherweight division to line up and beg for forgiveness, beg to be pardoned. If they do that I will hand the featherweight belt back and I will go to 155."

McGregor has previously talked of competing in the lightweight division, but it has been clear that the UFC intends to keep the former two-division Cage Warriors champion firmly in the featherweight ranks. That intention will only become more solid if he becomes their 145lb champ.

Though a move up to 155lb for Conor seems inevitable at some point in the future, he does seem content in his current weight class for the time being.

"Obviously, the [featherweight] weight cut is not easy," Conor explained. "I make it and I make it professionally, and I re-hydrate professionally. I go in there and I am on point, 100%, every time. I am a monster to these people.

"But still, training for a lightweight camp and training for a featherweight camp - it's a completely different approach. I enjoy featherweight, they are slower at featherweight. And I am not small at featherweight. My training partners are welterweights, as well."

Regarding future challenges for him at 145lb, should he claim the championship position he believes is rightfully his, there are still aspects of McGregor's game which we have not seen the full extent of. And he knows this.

"There is obviously some questions that the fans still want [answered] - the wrestler question. The Frankie Edgar, the (Chad) Mendes, the (Ricardo) Lamas; I shouldn't even put that idiot in there. But unless they come up and kiss my feet and apologize, then I will go at them and we will answer the wrestler question for fans."

But is it important to Conor to prove to fans that he has the tools to conquer even the top wrestlers at featherweight?

"I don't really give a s**t," he responded. "It makes no difference... Yeah, why not. We will see how it plays out."