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BAMMA 26 moved to September due to new healthcare measures


After introducing mandatory MRI\MRA scans for all fighters, BAMMA has made the decision to move their upcoming BAMMA 26 event from June 4th to September 10th. The event is expected to take place at the 3Arena in Dublin, Ireland.

Tickets already purchased for the event are still valid, though the promotion has stated refunds are available. 

International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) CEO Densign White stated: "We commend and support this proactive decision that BAMMA has taken in the interests of athlete safety. Choosing to put safety before profit is unusual. In engaging with IMMAF's medical committee lead, with national federations in Ireland and the UK and with their medical advisory Safe MMA, BAMMA sets a good example for the rest of the industry to follow. This kind of cooperation and partnership in event management is precisely what's needed to move the sport of MMA forward."

"We understand and welcome the fact that regulation for this sport is being put in place here in Ireland," added BAMMA CEO David Green. "But whilst we await this regulation and the results from the numerous discussions that are currently taking place, we have taken the step to introduce mandatory MRI/MRA scans for all of our fighters for the BAMMA 26 event onwards.

"Whilst we are already one of the leaders in MMA fighter safety in Europe, after consultation with Professor Dan Healy a leading expert in the MMA medical field, we believe that this is a vital step and will serve as important additional protection for the fighters and should be a key part of new regulation. However, it would not be possible to implement this system in time for our contest on June 4th. So, in order to be certain that we can implement these new scans across all fighters, we have taken the decision to move the event back a few months. We do not take this decision lightly and apologise for the inconvenience to BAMMA fans."

BAMMA already follows Safe MMA regulations, meaning they have fully qualified medical staff on site, an equipped emergency treatment center at all events and standby ambulances in case of necessary post-fight hospital checks. The promotion believes the addition of MRI/MRA scans will improve their already "high standard" of fighter safety.

With BAMMA 26 taking place in Dublin, these new medical precautions will be especially welcome after the tragic death of fighter Joao Carvalho following his fight at an MMA event in Ireland's capital last month.