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[Video] Urijah Faber becoming music video sensation


It appears you can’t release a music video and expect it to reach the top of the charts anymore without getting ‘The California Kid’ Urijah Faber to cameo in it.


Hot on the heels of his guest appearance in Pharrell Williams’ 24-hour Happy video, where he danced along the California streets with sister Michaella, Faber is now the male lead in Lauren Mayhew’s next hit What Is Love.


And he’s not the only UFC fighter to pop up in the video either, as Andre Fili, Jay Hieron and Justin Buchholz all get in the on the action too. Apparently, the director is trying to do a remake of Romeo and Juliet with the fighters portraying the feuding families. But, whatever, Faber’s own Torque brand gets plenty of air time and that’s what matters.


Here’s a sneak peak of the video which is due to be released soon: